Girls' Star Tattoos

Girls star tattoos are considered to be very meaningful and symbolic because they mainly represent a person's dreams and goals in life. There is a lot to consider when planning on getting a star tattoo, like why you want it, what size it should be, how unique you want it to be and most importantly where on your body you want it. Let me tell you about the five most common types of star tattoos and their symbolic meanings.

Let's start with the Pentagram star tattoo. This tattoo has a deep meaning to it and it is a 5-pointed star. The five points represent the five elements which are fire, wood, earth, water and metal. It also symbolizes faith, health, mathematical perfection and celestial sky.

Next is the girls moon star tattoo. This tattoo represents the sky during the night and it is also a combination of the moon and the star(s). Compared to other star tattoos, moon star tattoos have little symbolic meaning to it but they are very beautiful.

Another type of star tattoo is the Star of David tattoo. It is also called a hexagon because it is 6-pointed. It symbolizes the rule of God all over the universe and also His protection from all directions.

Shooting star tattoos are also another kind of star tattoos. They are extremely popular in the tattoo world because they are versatile. They represent a wish coming true, success or good luck.

Last but not the least is the Nautical star tattoo. This tattoo dates back to almost a century and is a 5-pointed star. It was mainly tattooed on the bodies of sailors because they relied on the stars to take them home since they navigated their ships using the stars in the night. Therefore, this tattoo is a symbol of guidance and represents the direction of life.

Follow this advice if you decide to get girls star tattoos.

To make it easier for the tattoo artist to do their job, make sure you wear loose fitting clothes to the tattoo parlor.

Make sure you are completely happy and content with the design you have in mind before you get to the tattoo parlor because removing a tattoo is extremely painful and expensive.

Also make sure that the girls star tattoos design you have in mind is a unique expression of yourself.

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Itchy, Red Tattoo? Tattoo Infection and You

As with any type of body modification or anything involving needles there are some risks of infection. Luckily, with proper research and picking a clean shop the rate if tattoo infection is very minimal. No one wants to spend hundreds of dollars on an infection, let alone have a resulting tattoo that just doesn't look right because it got infected, so what are the things you can do to minimize the risk of tattoo infection?

First make sure you choose a clean shop to get your tattoo done at. You don't want to go to some back alley dirty shop, this is almost a guarantee of infection. You want one that is clean and uses proper sterilization methods. Take your time in choosing the shop. You wan to find a high quality one that adheres to safety codes. You want a shop that uses new needles with each customer and is very careful about any form of transfer, by using sterile gloves and all the like. The last thing you really want to be doing is spending hundreds of dollars that are literally being thrown away, or worse yet throwing your own life a way by catching a disease. A little extra time ensuring the shop doing your tattoo is clean and infection free can save you a whole lot of trouble and money in the end.

Another key part in preventing infection is in your after care. Follow what the artist has set out for you very carefully. Don't remove your gauze too early and ensure any time you touch your tattoo that your hands are clean and free of dirt which can lead to a problem.

So what if it is too late to learn what you should have done and you already have an infected tattoo, what then? Well first step is to let the tattoo shop know that you have gotten a tattoo infection. Do not place blame it could very well have been improper care or even a slight allergic reaction that caused the infection. The next step is to go to the doctors. They may test you for other diseases in the case that the shop you went to was a less than sterile one, otherwise you will simply be given an antibiotic to help clear up the infection. Sometimes the tattoo is fine, due to the fact the infection was caught quickly, other times it is not.

Tattoo infections are few and far between but the more research you do and the more careful you are in getting your tattoo and the after care of your tattoo the better your chances are of minimizing your tattoo infection rate.

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