Tattoo Lettering - How to Get It Right

Many, many tattoos have some form of lettering in them. Whether it be a name, a date or even a scripture, tattoo lettering can make or break the piece. Often people don't realize just how hard it can be to do well. They assume because they've seen it so much, it must be a rudimentary skill for any tattoo artist. The truth is that all tattoo artists have specialties. Some are really great with the human form while others might be amazing when it comes to mythical creatures. At the same time, some might be more skilled when it comes to lettering than others. There are a few key things you have to be aware of to ensure your tattoo lettering comes out exactly the way you want it.

Before you commit to a tattoo, research the artist thoroughly. Ask to see previous samples of their lettering and talk to former clients if possible. Ask them if what they received was what they envisioned. Discuss the process with them and see how helpful the artist was in guiding them through the experience. Also ask the artist about their experience. Don't be shy! While you might not want to seem like you are questioning their credibility, you have to realize that a tattoo is a lifetime commitment. They will probably be happy to share their credentials or past work experience with you.

Once you've found a tattoo artist you feel comfortable with, you have some other research to do. Look into the type of font you want for your tattoo lettering. There are hundreds of choices and many of them can be found in any computer writing program. Make sure you write out what you want to have on your tattoo fully. Individual letters can be quite surprising. Just because you like the "J" in one font doesn't mean you'll like the "S" as well. Another thing to think about when it comes to font is the tone you want to set. Handwriting is often appropriate for memorial tattoos whereas playful script is more appropriate for fun tats. It is a lengthy process. Involve your tattoo artist in the selection. See which fonts they are familiar with and which ones they feel will translate well into a tattoo. Trust their judgement.

Something else that is often overlooked when it comes to tattoo lettering is spelling! Read what you've written over and over again. Get everyone you know to look it over as well. There will be no bigger disappointment than getting your tattoo and later realizing you've made a mistake. This will totally ruin your entire experience. Another factor is colour. Consider which colours will work best with your design. Although black is a great choice, it isn't your only choice. Just be sure that the colour you do choose is easy to read. Remember to compare it not only to your current skin tone, but to the varying shades that inevitably come with winter shade and summer sun. In the end, it'll be the little details that make your tattoo lettering pop!

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By James Beckett

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Tribal Butterfly Tattoo Design

Tribal butterfly designs are very famous in recent years. It is believed that girls are more attracted towards the ancestral butterfly designs then the boys. Whether in nature or in sketches butterflies are always the symbol for color. You will find some fantastic combination of colors in the sketches of tribal butterflies. There are many variations in basic shape like tiger butterfly. Recently there are many tattoo artists who draws ancestral butterfly in abstract art. Don't decide on a particular tribal butterfly design while looking at a few handfuls of sketches.

If you have selected a colorful tribal butterfly design for your tattoo then you have to select a good tattoo parlor or studio with excellent and experienced staff. Since tattooing of complicated sketches is not easy and inexperienced tattooing artists may spoil it. Best approach is after selecting a particular drawing, tells your tattooing artist to draw the same design in a paper. If you are satisfied with the paper drawing then only take the appointment otherwise go to another tattooing artist. Don't compromise on this thing if you don't want to regret afterward.

Similarly don't even compromise on the design. There are many membership websites that offers many good and unique tribal butterfly tattoo designs. The membership fee is not much and it is worth it. You will not only get the life time of inexpressible joy but you will take pride in showing your unique tattoo design to others. Your self confidence is greatly enhanced by selecting the unique sketch of tribal butterfly. So, spend some more time and money in selecting the tribal butterfly tattoo design.

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By Ajay Charvak

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Tattoos - Is It An Art Form Or A Brand For Society's Ills?

Public perception on tattoo has its ups and lows. It has been associated with a life of crime in the sense that the art of tattoo is prevalent among inmates in jails and security prisoners. People branded it as a tainted skin art in which the stigma persists up to this time. Some people or establishments, they took care not to hire any person who sported a tattoo especially those proclaiming themselves to be a member of certain underworld gangs or groups.

With this kind of perception, one just can imagine the struggle faced by the modern tattoo industry that is thriving now and other parts of the world. Despite its negative image, some tattoo artists refused to be intimidated in their quest to meet the level of international artistry in the form of skin art.

There are different design in tattoo art, among them are American tattoos, Japanese/Oriental, Polynesians portraits and Tribal. American tattoos are designs which are symbolic or reminiscent of American culture such as eagles, roses, the American flag and cross bones. Japanese/Oriental tattoo, which are popular in many parts of the world, are designs which tackle complicated subjects such as dragon, fish, Japanese and Chinese symbols and letters that are intricate and call for a lot of details.

Portraits are specialized tattoos that tackle realistic subjects such as faces and objects usually require meticulous care as most subjects are dear to the client. Polynesian designs mostly comprise of island, scenes, tropical images and picturesque ocean views,which are popular in Polynesian culture. Tribal designs are random pattern of lines and curves put together to create an abstract form of art.

In Borneo, tourism is promoted through tattoos acquired from tribes. Tattoos artists there use sticks, bamboos, thorns and ivory for their skin art. In the Philippines, local tattoo artists organized the Philippine Tattoo Artists Guild (PhilTAG) in 1996, whose objective is to improve the image of tattoo industry in the Philippines. The group also seeks to promote awareness of tattooing as an art form and erase the misconception that skin art is a label for society's ills.

Members of PhilTAG has to undergo seminars, in which part is devoted to hygiene and sanitary procedures. That way, people will not be afraid to get tattooed here. Many people perceived that the tattoo process as unsafe. Part of the hazards of the trade for tattoo artists is getting diseases from their clients in case of accidental pinprick and they maybe be agents for the spread of the diseases as well. Among the common diseases that can spread in tattoo parlors in the absence of proper hygiene and sanitation are common colds, flu, coughs, hepatitis and worse, AIDS.

However, if proper measures are undertaken and strictly adhered to, such incidence will remotely can happen.

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By Arnold Cafe

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How to Avoid Getting A Tattoo You'll Regret

It's a question that haunts the dreams of many "Tattoo Wearers To Be". The question goes something like this "What If I Get A Tattoo and Later Realize That I Hate It?" It's a fair question. Here are some tips and points to consider that will help you get to sleep tonight - and get that tattoo tomorrow.

Understand Why You Want A Tattoo A tattoo is a deeply personal and intimate expression of what you value the most. For some its their children, a significant other, or a deep reverence for an art form like tribal symbols, Asian art, or fantasy imagery. Before you rush down to the Tattoo parlor, take the time to explore and research your chosen design. Understand why you feel linked to your subject and be prepared to explain your reasoning - because you will be telling the tale of your tattoo repeatedly in the years to come.

For me, my Superman Tattoo is a symbol of what I believe and a reminder of some great childhood memories. These are memories that I will cherish for a lifetime - and my tattoo is just a physical expression of that sentiment. What about your next tattoo? What does it represent? And will it represent that notion for a lifetime?

Take Your Time Selecting One I often plead with my friends, family, and newsletter readers to take their time in selecting a tattoo. Their are three things that you shouldn't make a snap judgment about, 1) Your Spouse, 2) Having Children, and 3) Getting a Tattoo. This is one of those decisions should take time.

While there is a certain mystique around spontaneously tattooing the initials of your first love on your neck - it's a decision that most people come to regret.

Don't Turn Your Tattoo Design Decision over to the Lowest Bidder Did you know that 1 in 4 people regret getting their tattoo? Guess what the #1 reason is for that regret? It Hurt too much - no. It cost too much - nope. There was a better design that they overlooked? - BINGO - You guessed it. Many people definitely were sure they wanted a tattoo - but instead of looking at all of their options - they decided to grab a cheap tattoo from a free online tattoo gallery.

A tattoo is a lifetime commitment and a financial investment that could run from a hundred to thousands of dollars. If you agree that your next tattoo should a well thought out decision - then you can agree that it wouldn't hurt to spend $20 to make sure you have the best selection of designs to choose from. If you want to save money, opt for a black and white tattoo rather than a color design - or just get a smaller tattoo. But, It's not a good idea to try to save a couple of bucks by picking your design from a free clip-art turned tattoo gallery.

I congratulate you on making a decision to get a tattoo. I'm sure it will give you the years of joy, laughter, and memories that my tattoo has given me. Remember, think it through, take your time, and spend a little money to get a great design.

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By Stanford Smith

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Tattoo Removal

Tattoos are meant to be forever. But nowadays tattoo removal is almost as popular as getting a tattoo. Experts estimate that over 10 million Americans have at least one tattoo and about half of them regret it later and want to have their tattoo to be removed. There are several reasons why people want to have a tattoo removed or lightened.

Here are some examples:

- Your tattoo is in a visible place on your body. This could be reason that you don't qualify for a new job.
- You have a tattoo which is related to your ex-partner and this would embarrass your new partner.
- Your skin has stretched as it got older. The tattoo looks horrible.
- The tattoo didn't turn out the way you intended it to be.
- Your taste has changed and the tattoo you have doesn't fit your new taste

Whatever your reason may be to have your tattoo removed, you have several options for removal. Some are more effective than others; some take more time than others. But tattoo removal is never quick or cheap. It can range from several hundreds to several thousands of dollars depending on the size, type and location of the tattoo and the method you choose to remove it. Generally insurance doesn't cover it.

Removal techniques have greatly improved recent years and some of them have proven to be very successful. The degree of success depends on several factors including size, location, the individual ability to heal, how deep the tattoo has been applied and how old the tattoo is.

It is very important to consider all your options before you decide on a certain tattoo removal method. The methods you can chose from are surgery, dermabrasion, fade away creams, TCA peels and laser treatment.

If you would like to learn more about each individual technique please visit the website Tattoo Removal It will help you to decide which tattoo removal method is best for you and will have you fully prepared when you're ready to have your tattoo removed.

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By Riet Hopman

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The Increasing Trend and Widespread Popularity of Tattoos

Tattoos are becoming extremely popular with the trends today. There are many different reasons that people get a tattoo. There are also very popular designs that people favor.

Tattooing is popular all over the world. This practice is known to have been around since the Paleolithic era and possibly before. Tribes favor tattoos on the facial area; the Japanese have been doing it for centuries and more. Tattooing is when the skin is permanently dyed by inserting a certain pigment into the skin. In the past, tattoos could only be done in a dark blue color and they were not too popular. Today tattoos can come in multiple color variations and they are very popular.

People get tattoos today for many different reasons. Many people believe that they are decorating their body in a beautiful way. Some people believe that they are addicted to tattoos and they cannot get enough of them. Some people have a traumatic event occur or a person that they want to memorialize and they do so by getting a tattoo of something that meant something significant to them. Many people just like tattoos.

When people decide on a tattoo that they want to get they usually pick something with some type of emotional meaning to them. The most popular types of tattoos today have a tribal pattern. There are hundreds of tribal patterns that people choose from. Some of the patterns show a picture within them and others are just a pattern. People can get a tattoo of virtually anything today though. It does not have to be of a tribal pattern. Common tattoos include dragons, butterflies, flames, and more. Some people even have portraits of a person that means something to them tattooed on them. Any type of design that you see that you would like, a tattoo artist can put on your body. You can even draw your own design that you would like to get and the artist can put it on your body.

You can get a tattoo anywhere on your body that you think that you can take the pain. The most popular place to get a tattoo is on the arms and on the back. Some people cover their entire bodies full of tattoo artwork of many different things. Tribes commonly tattoo on the facial areas and the chest.

Getting a tattoo can be more painful in some places than others on the body. The back and the legs are not too painful of an area to get a tattoo. If you have a tattoo that wraps around the arm, then the inside of your arm can be much more painful than the outside of your arm. As the artist gets around areas of your body where there is less fat is where it is the most painful. The ankles are a good example of an area that can hurt.

Tattoos are becoming more and more common today. There are many different reasons people get tattoos. You can get a tattoo of anything you like anywhere on your body that you think that you can handle the needle.

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By David A Hama

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How To Draw A Demon Tattoo

When drawing your tattoo design of a demon, it's best to think about what you want to draw, first you write or draw little sketches of what you want to have as a design, you could do this in a few ways with drawing little thumbnails or writing small notes and descriptions of what you want designed.

The main steps of drawing any tattoo, is to get inspired by the many available tattoos online and in any of your local tattoo shops, you need to find out what is popular and what would sell if you are interested in selling your artwork, the main point to consider is when selling your work, they are often bought in sets or what is called flash sheets of lots of collected tattoo designs, these can be on A4 size paper or larger A3 size and if you want to you can laminate them to make them look professional, this is especially handy if you are selling on Ebay.

Once you have looked and seen what is actually out there, you can proceed with your tattoo designs from your initial idea or concept, whether you have written it down or drawn a small thumbnail sketch as a reference, I usually work this way and it provides a really useful point of concept design in stages and you could later see how your artwork has developed from the draft stage.

So to draw a demonic tattoo, you just start with the shape of your demon, drawing loosely you pencil in the structure of the demon, however you want it to look, you could at this stage just draw the head of the demon or the full image of the demon if you wish, it's really up to you!

The next step is to flesh out your drawing development and see where you want the drawing to go, you yourself can push the design boundaries and create fantastic and other worldly creations, in this step you refine your demonic drawing so that it becomes more defined in shape, plus when you draw a tattoo you could design it in many ways, for example drawing a long design that would ideally fit on anyones shoulder or a small design to fit on someones wrist, toggling between the different sizes and surface areas you can use to design your tattoos is a useful way of creating new ideas too.

Following on from this is adding details and other features that will help your design be either wanted by others or simple just appeal to others, you could add tribal or celtic design elements to make your designs more professional, this should go back to the reason why I said look at other peoples work online and offline in the local tattoo shops, to see what others are doing, even asking your tattooist, like you should do, they will tell you and even advise you on what sells and what looks best in terms of tattoos.

Colours play a large part in the design of a tattoo, how they are shaded influence the buying decisions of customers online and offline who are searching for a tattoo, they are looking for something specific, so remember to make your demon tattoo stand out, make it striking to the eye, but not too colourful that your tattooist has trouble or some issues with it when transferring the tattoo from stencil to skin.

Wayne Tully an artist and writer who designs and writes lots of content for online business and other drawing mediums.

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Getting Tattoo Ideas Through Tattoo Sketches

Needless to say, finding a tattoo that meets your needs isn't an easy one. Tattoos are a permanent and a life-long symbol of what you stand for, a crucial part of your life, your beliefs, your personality and your appearance. So it is extremely important that you choose the tattoo design that fits your needs, whatever they may be. Below are some ideas to help you decide which tattoo is right for you.

Make a list - Make a list of all the important things in your life. Write down any symbols that may signify who you really are. It is important to try to be unique as well. It really stinks if you go somewhere just to find someone has almost the exact same tattoo ideas as you. Try to think outside the box. Many people get tattoos of loved ones that they missed who have passed on. This is an ever-lasting symbol of devotion to people we miss. The key to this is brainstorm, brainstorm, brainstorm until you can narrow it down to just one idea.

Join a Tattoo Sketches and Tattoo Ideas website. There are websites available that have literally thousands of tattoo sketches and designs that you can print out and take to an artist. This allows you to browse through the comfort of your own home and not be in any sort of hurry to choose a tattoo. Its an important decision, it deserves some of your time. Tattoo Sketches websites are great because they are very affordable and a small price to pay for something you are going to be happy with the rest of your life. This is a highly suggested method of getting tattoo ideas when you are wanting originality.

Ask a friend to describe you. This is an interesting method, and kind of unnerving. What makes this so interesting is that other people see us differently that how we see ourselves. Our egos only let us see the part of us we want to see and nullifies all the rest. Through someone else's eyes you can get a unique look at how other people see you and how you appear to the outside world. This is not however for those who want to express to the outside world whats inside or to show some form of ego.

In the case where none of the above apply, and you want definite originality, use all three of the above methods to come up with something completely original that ultimately defines YOU. For example you could have a three-part tattoo symbolizing your inner self, the way people see you and the world around you. Using the art of a tattoo sketches website is a great way to conceptualize the many tattoo ideas you may have. No matter how you do it, its going to be original and tailored to you. However you come up with tattoo ideas remember that there is no single way to do it. Its your body, so make sure it reflects who you are or who you want to be.

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By Gabriel Killian

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How to Start Your Own Tattoo Business

When starting any business, it’s important to gain any required training and/or education. When starting a tattoo business in particular, there may be certain training, certification and other requirements that must be met prior to opening a studio. Because of the nature of business, you will need to know how to properly sterilize the equipment and educate customers on how to care for their new tattoo in order to prevent infection. The best way to learn about local license and/or industry requirements is to call the local business office and explain the type of business that you would like to open.

Once your training and any necessary licensing are both successfully completed, it will be time to apply for a business license. This piece of paper is very important and must be displayed in your tattoo studio each and every day. The best way to do this is to place your business certificate in a frame and display it on the wall.

Now that you have a business license and any other special licenses required by your local business department, it’s time to choose a location for your studio. Ideally, any place of business would be located in a high-traffic commercial area. The more people that pass by your business, the better likelihood that they will stop in. In addition, when you advertise your business or try and explain to someone where it is located, you don’t want to have a lot of difficult directions. Instead, a simple ‘in town’ or ‘on main street’ would be ideal.

When it comes to advertising your new tattoo business, start small and work your way up. Because your business is new, you are probably working with a limited budget. Don’t worry, most new businesses are. That’s why there are alternate forms of advertising that can help you to get the word out about your new venture without spending a fortune. First and foremost, purchase a large sign to display outside of your business. Make sure that your business name, grand opening date and any special price offerings are noted for every passerby to see. In addition, decorate any windows in your store with samples of your work recreated as clear window adhesives.

Rather than starting out with a large print advertising budget, try writing a press release and distributing it to local newspapers, magazines and/or radio stations. Place flyers throughout town as permitted and on the bulletin boards of local stores. If you can afford it, offer a tattoo giveaway and special grand opening prices during your first week of operation. You may also want to consider contacting local radio stations with your plan to host a tattoo giveaway. This approach requires that you allow the radio station to award the winner on air, which will result in even more publicity for your new business when the DJ mentions the contest sponsor.

As a final thought to starting your own tattoo business, make sure that you explain the importance of proper tattoo care to your customers. Creating a reference sheet will help to keep your customers informed and will remind them of how often to change the bandage and how to avoid infections.

By Aurel Radulescu

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