So You Want A Tattoo - Here's What You Need to Know

First, Tattoos are one of the best ways to express your individuality. I remember beaming with pride as I showed off my first tattoo. The feeling of having survived the actual inking without crying (too much) plus knowing that I will always have a reminder of my childhood hero (Superman) - is a feeling that I will always cherish.

I want you have the same positive experience too. This article will give you a few good tips to remember as you prepare to get your first tattoo.

Remember It's Permanent:

If you are at all questioning if you should get a tattoo, do yourself a favor and get an airbrushed temporary tattoo. As you know, tattoos are virtually permanent. So make sure that you are willing to live with your decision. Also, you may want to give a good amount of thought to what your tattoo will be. If you are planning to get your 1st boyfriend's initials inked on your shoulder, you may want to make sure that the love of your life will actually be around for a lifetime!

Take Your Time And Find An Image That You Love

I can't stress enough how important it is to take your time selecting a tattoo. There is an endless number of types and variations of tattoos that you can get. Spend some time thinking about what you enjoy the most, tribal art, fantasy pictures, butterflies, tigers, you name it - there's a tattoo pic out there with your name on it. Once you have decided on what you want - take a little time to look through the variations on your picture. Also remember that you have the choice of black and white or a color tattoo.

One word of warning - the free tattoo sites are good places to start looking for ideas. But, I would not end my journey for the perfect tattoo in a free picture gallery. Many times these pics are so overused that there's a great chance that you're getting the same tattoo as most of the first-timers. Once you settle on a type of tattoo, I encourage you take join a private tattoo design club. The cost to join are usually less than $25 - and are well worth it. In these online clubs you can discuss and exchange ideas on the tattoo design that you like. Also the photo galleries in these tattoo clubs are first rate, with clean, sharp, and truly unique images.

It's Ok to Start Small

You're first tattoo doesn't have to be a body-covering masterpiece. In fact, I recommend that you select a small design for your first tattoo. The small tat will give you the experience of actually experiencing the inking process without pushing you over the edge. After, the first one - go ahead and go as big or elaborate as you want. I should warn you that getting inked can easily turn into an obsession. I love the feeling of getting a tattoo and I'm sure I will run out of body parts before I can get every tattoo that I want. You may find that you love the experience too - so start of slow and move from there.

If you would like to check out the Tattoo Club that I hang out at - check out the link in the box below. Remember to have fun, take your time, and go slow - and I congratulate you for expressing yourself with this ancient and visually striking form of art.

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