Japanese Tattoos

In Japan, the tattoo technique is primarily hand based. The traditional Japanese tattoos are still hand pushed. The pigment is inserted under the skin using a non-electrical, hand made and hand held device with needles either made of bamboo or steel. But in recent times the tattoo technique has become common in almost every part of the world. They follow the western tattooing technique, i.e. the use of electric tattoo machine. This tattooing technique was first patented in England during the late 1800s.

However, even today most people are unaware about tattoo techniques and about the fact that the tattoo machine is basically an electromagnet powered by a variable power supply. The needle is actually dipped into a small cap that has been filled with the pigment or ink from a squeeze bottle. There are different needles for different forms of art. One needle is used for doing the outline of the sketch and for the line work on the tattoo. There are many other bunched needles for giving shades to a tattoo. These needles can be attached to a specified tattooing device. The needles are soldered to a bar that is attached to the electromagnet.

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