Tattooing requires a lot of patience as even a small tattoo can take hours to complete .

Tattoos are marks or pictures made on different parts of body to convey certain meaning to others. Tattoo designs reflects the nature and thoughts of that person. Tattooing, a type of body art, is one of the oldest arts preserved and are very popular among youths.
Tattooing technique of placing the pigment at the right depth is very important to the quality of the tattoo. If the needles penetratetoo deeply, the pigment will mix with body fluid and cause the color to spread. If the pigment is not placed deep enough, the tattoo will fade and come out prematurely as new skin emerges from the lower layers.
Tattoo techniques have evolved over a long period of time Diverse climatic conditions, cultures and ethos techniques may differ but all achieve the same goal of creating tattoo marks on the body.

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