Female Ankle Tattoos are Subtle and Sexy

For a woman, getting a tattoo is a powerful statement.
When someone asks you what the sexiest body parts are, what comes to mind? Hips and legs? How about hands or back? Something a little more scandalous? Here’s something that may surprise you: did you think of ankles? If not, maybe you're just not paying attention to how female ankle tattoos can enhance your sex appeal.

The ankle can be an incredibly attractive body part. Many men are already interested in women's legs, and the natural progression is to look also at the ankles. If you're looking for a way to stand out, an ankle tattoo might be your solution.

These tattoos are ideal for women because they can be both discreet and irresistible. If you work in an office, you may have to hide your tattoo on some days. This can be easily accomplished by wearing opaque tights or hosiery, pants, or certain types of shoes.

But these tattoos can also be displayed as an impressive assertion of your sexuality. If you get a tattoo on your ankle, you're sending a message: "I'm not afraid to get your attention, but I'm smart enough to do it in a subtle way." Men can't resist!

Another reason many women choose ankle tattoos is that they don't want a tattoo that is very big. Your ankle is, obviously, a relatively small body part, so any tattoo that you choose to put there will necessarily have to be of equal size. That way, you won't have to worry about taking care of (or hiding, if need be) a large tattoo.

Small ankle tattoos have other benefits: they can cut back on costs and pain. If a tattoo is smaller, it will almost always cost less than a tattoo that is bigger. You're paying for less ink and less of the artists' time. Less time under the tattoo gun also means that you'll hurt less - a major plus for some women!

Getting an ankle tattoo doesn't mean your choices are limited, however. A tattoo can be small without losing any distinctiveness. This is part of its allure: it is subtle, but striking; it is understated, but powerful.

For a woman, getting a tattoo is a powerful statement. Female ankle tattoos are a great way to get introduced to the world of tattooing (if you want more in the future) or just to assert some individuality without a huge commitment. Just like you and your choices, your tattoo is unique.
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By Timothy Croy
Published: 2/14/2008

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