Top 5 Most Painful Places To Get A Tattoo

You may know, or not know, that a tattoo can be extremely painful. The level of pain a person will feel differs from person to person and depending on the place of the tattoo. If you easily feel pain or the thought of pain makes you weak in the knees, then you may want to stay away from these five areas.

* The top part of the ankle or foot - Cute but very painful

* Above the rib cage on the chest - Thin skin so watch out for this area

* Behind The Ear - Tons of sensitive nerves and little skin

* The eye brows and Lips - Yes people do get tattoos there

* Pubic Area - Extremely sensitive area

When you are considering your tattoo and where you want to place it on your body these are some of the most painful places. Other places can be painful as well. There are certain other sensitive areas that I'm sure you can think of.

The design can affect the pain level also. If the tattoo is not filled in, or if it has a lot of open space with thin lines, then you will find it less painful than a tattoo that is filled in completely with thicker lines.

Having a great design you can be proud of and putting it in the right place for you can mean that you may have to venture into one of these areas of pain. If this is the case then just remember that once the tattoo is finished, you will have a personal piece of art that you can always enjoy for the rest of your life. is a great place to find everything related to tattoos. I hope you enjoy your tattoos as much as i enjoy mine!

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