Top 5 Most Popular Tattoo Designs

There are many popular designs for tattoos. A tattoo is a very personal experience and you should change slightly whatever design you get to help make it unique. With this being said here are 5 of the most popular tattoo designs and a little about them.

1. Angel Tattoos - Angels are very symbolic and represent a sense of peace and also protection, like a guardian angel. A sense of spirituality may play a part in someone picking an angel for a tattoo also.

2. Tribal Tattoos - These are extremely popular and account for many of the requests that a tattoo artists will see. In today's society, unlike what you would see in the past, these are a fashion statement. They help to show off a bit of mystery and individuality. They use aggressive lines that are usually dark and are usually found in symmetrical shapes.

3. Wing Tattoos - These can represent a freedom and also can be linked with angels in that they offer protection from above. Dragons, fairies, birds, and butterflies are usually associated with wings. The lower back is a popular spot on many women for this design.

4. Star Tattoos - the nautical star is very popular with sailors. Regular stars are also very popular because of the fact that they can be re-sized easy and place anywhere. Places that people usually get a star would be the navel, ankles, or around the shoulders.

5. Cross Tattoos - These have significant religious meaning and are a strong symbol of belief hope and faith. They can be combined with many other designs to help define what it means to you, they can also fit anywhere on the body.

There are many other popular tattoo designs. These are ones that I find people look for the most. Just remember to make the experience of picking a tattoo fun and pick something that is meaningful to you.

Most Popular Tattoo Designs is a great place to find popular tattoo designs. I hope you enjoy your tattoos as much as I enjoy mine!

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